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Winterize your Car

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Cars are very tough during winter seasons but nowadays cars are designed to move on well in different temperatures from cold to severe hot. For that reason a thorough winterization is certainly necessary where snow falls you can prepare a car for winter.

In order to prepare a car you must check the coolant for the proper mix of anti breeze and water. For that a machine will do or you can have a tester at your local auto parts store.

Secondly check the oil recommendations because different manufacturers recommend variety of oil which suits the temperature. Regular oil change is a must for your car. The right viscosity or thickness is essential when you make the selection. Usually, the oil becomes thick, during the winter. If it has become very thick, the lubrication of your engine would be a problem. Get proper idea from the user manual, according to the climate.

If battery is low care should be taken that, the distilled water is used for remedial measures so that battery won’t get lowered. It is high time to give your battery TLC. See to that the battery’s posts and connections are not damaged due to corrosion. Check the charging ability of the battery.

When buying car tires, you should give importance to purchase a set of snow tires. By using snow tires in the cars, it will help and adapt according to the climate. The wheels of the car should be upgraded in such a way that it plies smoothly on the snow roads. One should carry necessary mechanic tools present in the cars for changing the wheels at any given time.

When you want car to adapt snow roads then it is recommended to use snow blades instead of windshield wiper blades. While plying the car on snow roads it is advisable to take all necessary tools for handling the snow roads. The tool kits should contain snow brush and ice scraper for cleaning the snow that hit on the car and roadside. If your car is air conditioned then don’t forget to run air condition. Since it will help haste window defogging quickly. The tool kit should include washer fluid for cleaning your windshield.

When you own a modern car, check for the belts and hoses as winter would cause many damages.

Examine your tire pressure and provide the ideal traction, as the traction is terribly jeopardized during the winter season. The pressure of the air would drop in this season.

Make a preparation of an emergency kit with blanket, another set of boots, gloves, warm clothes, water, food; flashlight, windshield wipers, flares, jumper cables, a tool kit, tire chains, a tire gauge, extra tire, a bag of abrasive materials, and make your gas tank filled totally.


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