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When considering a car in a good condition, it is very important to check the car tires whether safety to drive on a road comfortably. So the automakers spend of their time and money on engineering a car which is the only part attached on the road. If the tires are not in good condition, comfort riding leads to unsafely handling will be affected. When donít we make use of the following simple, easy safety tips to keep our occupants car safe and also your life?

First and foremost point is to check the tire pressure because the tires tend to loose air as the time passes on. Once a month it is better to check it by the use of digital tire gauge and that too if it is a long trip. Ownerís manual or the sticker on the car will give you the inflation pressures properly. It is possible only after the car has been sitting the several hours which denotes that the tires have become cold, the friction, the driving increases and heat the tires which may increase the pressure in the under inflated tires.

It is necessary to see the under inflated tire as it become more rolling resistance power which increases the fuel consumption and then creates more heat. It is more dangerous that it makes the tire failure finally.

You should not forget the tire spares. If the tire is flat, then discover you car tire is flat too. If you posses a compact tire then inflation pressure will be written on the tire. If it is compressor tire, you may have to repair the kit doing the operation regularly.

The depth of the tread is also an important factor to be checked. While looking for other components for proper maintenance, wear of the tire should be checked. It is better to analyze the outside and inside edge of the tires. If the tire wear is identified then your car is not of alignment. If alignment is maintained properly then premature tire wear can be prevented. The damage of tire can be very well notice in the form of bulges, cracks, nick and cuts inside & outside of the tires. If damage found early, then you can rectify the problem sooner. If you witness any shaking of the car then unbalancing may be seen in anyone of the car tire. It is better to look out for imbalance tire and rectify the problem.

Selection of both summer and winter tires is also important criteria for maintaining good tire. You can use soft rubber compound snow tires for plying on the snow roads. For normal plying you can opt for summer tires where you can use for all climate conditions. Donít feel slothful in replacing the damaged tire at once. Otherwise it will be problem for a safety ride.


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