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When holiday times begin lot more are interested to visit some of the picnic spots by car. Though they have enthusiasm to spend their leisure time by traveling long distance, some falter not to go because of car condition. If car stranded down in the middle then it would look odd and irritating situation. But if you undergo certain measures for your car to have pleasant & good long drive one need to follow the instruction given below.

Before planning for a long drive it is better to analyze major problem that exist in the car before a month. Since after rectification of major problem, you can ply for at least a month and be secured that nothing goes wrong during the month. It is highly recommended that replacing the coolant would be great idea. With help of mechanic you can replace the coolants mixture of antifreeze and water for better drive.

For longer driver one has to have good condition of tires. Take necessary steps for conditioning your tires. The tires with proper recommended air pressure should be guided. By under inflated tires may result to blow out at high acceleration of the car. Inflate air according to your manual with help of local mechanic.

It is advisable to carry always spare of tires. Carry all your necessary tool components in case if you are made to change the tire. Inflate the spare tire properly. If the car has wheel lock provision then doesn’t forget to take adapter for the lock-nut. You can carry all documents and car manual with regard registration and other details. The recent auto manufacturer have manual in their websites with PDF format so it is advantage of car owners. You should be careful about the registration period because it should not expire in midst of your long journey.

The car should be checked for oil change and other maintenance work. Change the oil if it is required. Well before the long journey, the car should be totally cleansed, since if you have more dirt and other unwanted material more will be fuel consumption. It is better to clean the car and keep it ready for long journey. If your car has driven more than 10,000 miles then it is necessary to change the air filter. Air filter with dirt can reduce the fuel economy since it is low cost you can buy new air filter.

It is important to get road atlas map so that you travel minimum distance for reaching the required destination. There is a group called AAA where ample assistance and help carried out for the customers. It is better to join that type of group so as to seek help when your car is in trouble. While loading things in the car necessary care should be taken for uniform distribution of weight.


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